As a citizen of the United States, it’s important to have access to government information. This is information that is published by the government and that offers beneficial information for not only private citizens but also businesses. Government information is not information that you have to pay for. Free government information is available, and here are some places to find it.

1. Free Government Information or FGI

FGI organizes information from various systems such as libraries, non-profit organizations, journalists and government agencies devoted to providing free government information to the public. They work on making sure that government information remains free to the public.


Operated by the Federal Citizen Information Center or FCIC, is a central, comprehensive resource of federal documents that are helpful to the public. Publications available on the website are free to read. Some of the topics covered include animals, computers, employment, family, health, housing, small business, travel and more.

3. Encompass Search

Encompass Search is a place where government publications are available through a search procedure located at Trexler Library. You can find various government online publications from pre-1976 to the present.

The search bar is a comprehensive bar. You can find books, articles, and videos either at the Trexler Library or worldwide. For example, if you want to read a government article about cats, type in the word “cats” in the search bar, click “articles” and then hit “Go.”

4. Hathi Trust Digital Library

This is a library that includes over 300,000 government documents that are found at major libraries and research institutions. The best way to utilize the search bar is to put quotes before and after the search term. For example, if you want free government information about romance fiction, you write “romance fiction” in the search bar and click “search.”

5. Government Information for Children

The Government Information for Children or GIC website is maintained by government documents librarians who coordinate information about children from government agencies.

6. National Archives

National Archives is the Archives Library Information Center or ALIC. The website is designed to give people the opportunity to research and read government information online without having to go to a library or other physical building to get the information. At ALIC, you can get information on American government and American history, information management, government documents and more for professionals and the general public.

7. Free government information can also be found at online university libraries across the country. Web sites such as the University of Texas at San Antonio offer free government information on their website.

8. Free government information can also be found by Googling a subject that you’re interested in. For example, if you want information on Alzheimer’s, simply Google – “free government information on Alzheimer’s” and do a search.

9. This is not a government site but it’s loaded with information about opiate drug addiction treatment in South Florida.

These are just some of the ways to get information from the government for free. There is a vast amount of articles, videos, books, journals, blogs, etc. on government information. There is never a need to pay for government information that is useful to private citizens as well as businesses.