Formed in 1974, INPUT is a leading provider of IT market research and marketing services. We offer services in three major areas: IT marketing services, commercial IT market research and federal IT market research.

Federal IT Market Research

INPUT has been providing services to the federal IT community for over 15 years. Through its tactical and strategic market research efforts, INPUT offers a host of services unmatched in the industry. From tactical business development and opportunity identification to strategic analysis and market forecasting, INPUT provides the services every organization needs to plan their federal IT strategy. Services offered in this area include:


  • Federal IMPACT Business Development Database – tracking contracts and opportunities for the federal sales and business development executive
  • Federal Agency Profiles
  • Electronic Government – strategic analysis and forecasting of the federal IT market and its major market segments
  • Custom Consulting Services


IT Marketing Services

Through its expertise and knowledge of the IT industry and its web development capabilities, INPUT provides a host of services designed to increase your visibility across your partners, customers and prospects. Services provided include:

  • Partner Promotion Directories and Databases
  • Testimonial and Case Study Databases
  • Custom Partner Promotion Programs and Projects
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) studies
  • Partner/Customer Satisfaction studies
  • Outsourcing of Web marketing support activities
  • Portal and Web-based E-Commerce site construction

Commercial IT Market Research Services

For over 25 years, buyers and vendors of IT products and services have come to rely on INPUT for insightful opinions and detailed analysis of the trends and issues shaping the IT industry. INPUT provides several subscription programs to meet the market intelligence needs of the IT industry:


  • IT Operational Services/Outsourcing (offered in the U.S. and Europe)
  • E-Business (offered in the U.S. and Europe)
  • IT/E-Business Market Forecasts (offered in the U.S. and Europe)
  • IT Vendor Analysis (profiling IT software and services vendors worldwide)
  • Custom Consulting Services